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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 2, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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america travel mug free with your hoveround delivery. call or log onto right now! >> bret: two more american soldiers are murdered in afghanistan over the quran burning. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. the number of americans killed in the fall-out over the destruction of muslim religious materials in afghanistan has now riz on the six. two more u.s. soldiers were gunned down earlier today. just hours after president obama proclaimed his apology for the quran burnings had "calmed things down." correspondent conor powell has the latest live from kabul. hello. >> reporter: for the third time in a week u.s. soldiers
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were attacked by the trusted afghan partners. the details of the attack are vague, one thing is clear. two u.s. soldiers were shot and killed by the afghans they were training. every day u.s. and afghan troops train and fight side-by-side. building up the afghan security forces is at the heart of the current american strategy in afghanistan. >> we have been working closely with the afghan national security forces now for years. in the last several years, this force has really come of age. >> the strategy appears to be unraveling, as protests and anger mounts over the accidental burning of quran by u.s. troops. >> i think the trust is there. i think the mutual confidence is there. the afghan national security forces are becoming more capable every single day. >> privately, some u.s. commanderrers admit the trust that does exist is rapidly evaporating. in fact, afghan security forces are killing u.s. and international troops at an alarming rate. >> of the 60 nato troops killed this year, 12 have been
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murdered by afghan troops. that is 20% of coalition deaths. to stem the growing anger and save the strategy, president obama has apologized for the quran burning incident. >> the reason that it was important, the same reason that the commander on the ground, general allen apologized. that is to save lives. to make sure our troops who are there right now are not placed in further danger. >> it's hard to think that it has improved it with the apology? >> it calmed things down. we're not out of the woods yet. >> the protest against the united states may have subsided but the anger and the violence has not. u.s. troops have been attacked and killed in all parts of the country. by all branchs of the afghan security forces. raising concerns, how much progress has been made trading training the afghan security forces? following the murder of two troops working at interior
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ministry, they pulled them out of the ministry. we learned some advisors returned but many are on lockdown because of the security concerns. bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. conor powell live in afghanistan. thank you. a prominent con seventive voice has been silenced. publisher and activist andrew breitbart died overnight in los angeles, apparently of natural causes. adam housley looks at breitbart's life and legacy. >> everything has changed in the last few years. conservatives used to take it and we're not taking it anymore. [ applause ] >> reporter: andrew breitbart was a best-selling author and conservative crusadeer who took on the community activist group acorn and behind investigations that led to controversial firing of usda official shirley sherrod and the resignation of anthony weiner. anthony weiner came to his own defense minutes after the
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congressman admits he was the one who had not told the truth. >> everything i said so far has come to be true. the media says breitbart lies, breitbart lies, breitbart lies, breitbart lies. give me one example of a provable lie. one. one. journalists, one. put your reputation on the line here. one provable lie. >> breitbart helped change the way we know social media and the news. websites he either started or ran until his death reach about 20 million different people every day. site like big government and he also helped start the huffington post before it turned hard left. and was known for the long-time work on the drudge report. matt drudge has this state in the part at the top of that popular site. "we shared a love of headlines, a love of the news. excitement about what is happening. i don't think there was a single day during that time when we did not laugh with each other or challenge each other." >> it's good that freedom-loving americans are finally realizing the power of
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their collective action. the power of expressing their voice. and no longer being cowed to the powers of the political correctest in and multiculturalism and the threat that you are going to be called anist"." racist, homophobic for disagreic on policy. >> determining to stay relevant, breitbart told cpac he had an election day surprise. what do we get for barack obama? i have videos. this election we'll vet him. i have videos. this election we're going to vet him. >> from his college days -- >> reporter: breitbart kept a busy schedule between website, television appearances and speaking engagements across the country. somewhat prophetically in the conclusion of his book "righteous indignation" he wrote i love my job, i love fighting for what i believe in and i love having fun while doing it. i love reporting story that the complex refuses to report. i love fighting back.
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i love fighting allies. famously, i enjoy making enemies. at the end of the day i can look at myself in the mirror and i sleep very well at night. he was a dedicated family man. minutes before he collapsed on his walk, breitbart was still on twitter checking his website and doing what he loved. that came after helping put his kids to bed. andrew breitbart is survived by his wife and four children. he was just 43 years old. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. >> bret: sad story. unemployment benefit requests dropped another 2000 last week. to 30351,000. that matches -- to 3451,000, matching the four-year low reached three weeks ago stocks were back in positive territory. dow was up 28. s&p 500 gained 8. nasdaq finished ahead 22. crude oil was up almost $2 to finish just shy of $109 a barrel. gasoline went up another penny a gallon overnight. the national average is $3.74. that is 13 cents higher than a
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week ago. the soaring gas races are getting in the way of president obama re-election effort. tonight,head henry looks at the administration -- ed henry looks at the administration spending energy to spin the energy. >> two days after energy secretary said lowering gasoline prices is not the overall goal of the administration, president obama vowed he will announce a series of steps to help consumers. as he was serenaded by chants of "four more years" today was about oil and gas sub did is that may raise prices. >> every time you fill up your gas tanks, they are making money. every time. does anybody think congress should give them another $4 billion this year? of course not. it's outrageous. >> noting the last time the senate considered tax hike on production, many democrats
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voted against them. republicans introduced their own bill stripping tax cuts for oil giants as well as wind and solar companies. >> we should elemnate targeted credits and let the market work. >> not likely with the president touring a facility at national community college to get the taxpayer dollars from energy department to promote alternative fuels. >> the the use of clean energy fuel has double and thousands of americans have jobs because of it. >> many don't have jobs because of it. failure of solyndra to this week's announcement that bound solar had to lay off 180 of the 400 workers despite getting $400 billion loan from energy secretary steven chu. newt gingrich thinks should be fired. >> i suspect the american people would chip in to buy the airplane ticket later today. >> tense house hearing, to clarify his comments from earlier in week. >> i do not want to raise the price of gasoline. i want to lower the price of gasoline. >> on the day his department
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announced $180 million more for wind projects. two republicans demanded to know the grade he would give himself for management of the loan portfolio. >> there is always room for improvement. a-minus. >> i believe you have d minus or "f" as best. >> the president is now in new york reaching the 100 mark in fundraisers this election cycle that double what george w. bush had at this point in his re-election battle. making it harder and harder the white house to claim they're not focused on 2012. bret? >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. euro zone finance ministers agreed to give greece the first installment of the latest bail-out. earlier, the greek parliament approved new reform to the country health sector and mention systems. seven americans facing a travel been a and criminal charges in egypt flew out of the country a few hours ago. the state department says the non-governmental organizations or ngos for which the americans worked paid about
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$5 million bail. for those seven and nine others who had already left. they are charged with fomenting antigovernment unrest in egypt. among the group is the son of the u.s. transportation secretary. officials with the international red cross say syrian authorities have granted permission to enter a neighborhood of homes. hammered by security forces. this video of that area air on syrian television today. rebels say they had stageed a tactical retreat, because they're running out of weapons and humanitarian conditions cons there are catastrophe nick their words. on capitol hill, the u.s. ambassador who has been pulled out of damascus insisted syrian leaders are also feeling the heat. >> the assad regime is under greater stress than it was two or three months ago. i think they understand this is the biggest challenge during the 40 years of the assad family's domination of syria.
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>> the latest on the 2012 campaign is straight ahead. including a look at how religious has become a major issue this time around. @
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>> bret: newt gingrich said today that next week he has to win georgia. the state he represented in congress in order for him to have a chance in the republican presidential race this year. georgia is part of a big super tuesday slate of primaries. meanwhile, the two men at the front of the pack are squabbling over an issue which they agree. chief political correspondent carl cameron explains. >> can you elaborate? what happened yesterday? >> absolutely. >> mitt romney today commenting on the measure to let insurers and employers deny health coverage they find morally objectionable. yesterday he indicated he opposed it and then said he misunderstood the question and actually backed it. rick santorum capped it as a
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matter of character and conviction and the constitution. >> he said he didn't understand the question. maybe he did, maybe he didn't. if i was asked a question like that, my gut reaction would be always, my gut reaction would be you stand for the first amendment. you stand for freedom of religion. >> reporter: following the arizona and michigan wins this week, the latest rasmussen pollinationwide shows romney leaping ahead 16 points. up six points in the real clear politics national average. most of the polls were before romney's latest victories, which now include wyoming. the two-week caucuses went to romney 39-32% over santorum. giving him an essential when they are allocated to campaign in the next ten days. despite conservative worries about the g.o.p. field, republicans are upbeat about the fight over obama. latest gallup poll shows eight-point margin republicans are more enthusiastic about the election than democrats. republicans are 9% more
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enthusiastic than four years ago. by contrast, democratic enthusiasm is down a whopping 34 points from 2008. trailintrailing in the polls wit a win since south carolina, newt gingrich candidly told supporters in high school-win state of georgia his only hope for comeback hinges with them. >> i have to win gads i think to be creditsh -- win georgia to be credible in the week. win georgia and then i go to alabama and mississippi. i think i'll win both of those. we have a good opportunity to win in kansas. >> reporter: in michigan, state republican party officials announced the official delegate allotment from 30 delegates if the primary on tuesday. 16 will go to mitt romney. 14 to rick santorum. the santorum campaign thought it would be a 15-15 split. a tie under their interpretation of the rules. but last night, the credentials committee of the michigan republican party met and decided it would go 16/14 to romney. santorum's camp is infure rated, promising to take some
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sort of action. get ready for a major ball gait over one delegate. it takes 1144 to win the nomination. bret? >> bret: a long way to go. carl, thank you. we've just learned a federal court in san antonio has ordered the state of texas to hold its primary election may 29. that resolves for now a big dispute over redistricting there. they released the maps that texas used in the 2012 election. commit polls reveal this campaign season voters are saying that a candidate's religious beliefs do matter. tonight, correspondent shannon bream reports on how the intensely personal subject of faith has become a public battleground. >> i think it basically backfires when you attack a candidate's religion. or when you ridicule or make fun of it. >> despite that, political analyst michael barone says it's a common occurrence in 2012 politics. writer larry doyle triggered backlash in his column
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"eating-jesus cult of rick santorum" was on the huffington website. he mocks the reunion right and finds a link between catholic church and pedophiles and closes with this sentence -- following public outcry, doyle said the column should be viewed as satire adding it's traditional for me to half-apologize say i'm sorry if anyone was offended but i really don't mind if anyone was offended. tony, up with of the conservative leaders who demanded apology from the editor and chief adrianna huffington. >> can we talk about the aspects of those religious views? and how it might influence public policy? absolutely. that is a legitimate public policy discussion ke with have. to marginalize someone because
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they have a faith that impacts their decision. >> there was an insult aimed at romney that ended stick that in your magic under wear. a reference to temple garment. later he said he regretted the comment and called it inappropriate. he said i'm willing to admit that with no caveat. they argue if a similar article was written concerning the islamic faith, "the public outcry would be overwhelming and rightly so. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. still ahead, while russia prepares to elect vladimir putin for another term as president. we look at growing opposition movement. the opposition to president obama
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>> bret: a kansas man whose home collapsed on him early wednesday during a tornado was taken off life support last night. he is the 12th victim of a massive storm system that spawned at least 16 twisters in five states including illinois. several blocks of homes in harrisburg seen here were flattened and six people died there. there is an investigation in what is called taxpayers-funded spin by the obama administration. senators asked 11 federal agencies for information about the public relations and advertising contracts. the democrat controlled senate today rejected republican effort to roll back president obama's policy on contraception insurance coverage.
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>> the motion on the table agreed to. >> by 51-48, mostly party line both the democrats killed the blot amendment that would have allowed employers and insurers to opt out of president obama's healthcare law that morally objectionable, including the cost of birth control. >> denying contraception coverage to women. >> it appeals to the social agenda of a small vocal part of the republican party. >> republicans argued it was a freedom of religion issue. >> i finally thought a revolution to prevent this type of tyranny. that's what it is. this is tyranny. >> senator roy blount said the measure narrowly focused on the healthcare law. >> this does nothing to modify the state or federal laws now in effect.
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>> whether or not you want said those opting out of birth control would have to provide benefit of eag wall value to employees. >> i don't envy the rank and file republicans walking the plank on the vote. >> at a house hearing, kathleen sebelius told lawmakers the administration will issue a new contraceptive coverage rule soon. >> we will offer strategies to make sure religious libertys are respected at the same time that millions of women who work in the institution, spouses of employees and daughters of employees have access to -- >> fred upton wasn't sold. >> i know my time expired but i'm not sure it will work. >> boehner made it clear the fight is not going away. >> i believe standing few
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under the constitution to practice the faith as they right, this is an important part of the job. >> he believes this is bad policy tend goal is to change it. biden commented on the regulation and said it got screwed up in the first iteration. >> mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. maryland is the latest state to legalize gay marriage. they signed the bill today and maryland joined seven other states and the district of columbia. the law takes effect next january. opponents are pushing for referendum on the november ballot. harsh reaction to the death of a conservative icon is next in the grapevine. >> a famous conservative lawman questions the authenticity o
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>> bret: fresh pickings from the grapevine. sheriff joe arpaio says president obama's birth certificate is a forgery. this afternoon arpaio announced the result of his investigation in the authenticity of the document. >> my investigators believe that the long form birth certificate was manufacturered electronically. that it did not originate in a paper format claimed by the white house.
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>> bret: arpaio's cold case posse consisting of former law enforcement officers and lawyers with law enforcement experience claim to found inconsistencies with the document. they tweeted a link to the news conference. with a link to the mugs with birth certificate on it to poke fun at the controversy. a from grand jury is looking into abuse of power by arpaio and the justice department accused his office of racially ro filing latino. arpaio says -- profiling latinos. arpaio says he will continue to document the investigation. we told you earlyer the death of andrew breitbart. some of the reaction to his passing has been harsh. writer matt tweeted "the world outlook is slightly improved with andrew breitbart dead." that kind of negativity runs counter to a column posted tuesday by a fellow slate
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writer asking in the case of children's book author jan bernstein, "can we wait a few hours before attacking the dead?" the article goes on to say, "i wonder if the absolute opportune moment to attack a writer, say is as their family plans a funeral, as their children experience that feeling freud describes as being torn out by the roots." finally, the ex-girlfriend of billionaire financier george soros says he is recorded controversies supporting the claim that he reneged on the promise to buy her a $2 million apartment. the "new york post" sourced court papers filed this week as part of the brazilion soap star ferreyr's $50 million lawsuit. soros' lawyer says the case has no merit. anticipation of voter fraud in sunday's presidential election in russia is so high there are videos on the internet predated march 4 purporting to show misconduct.
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tonight, andy kellogg reports on the opposition to what many feel is the inevitable. >> the movement shows no sign of losing momentum. russian set up prime minister and probable next president vladimir putin. a man who has been in power for 12 years make a ring around the kremlin. [ applause ] >> anticorruption blogger who has done jail time for his brazenness has become the star of the show as the russians stand up. >> they have brought the people to the streets, because it's accumulated them. and stole their vote. i think there is no way back. >> left fresh on the scene but increasingly vocal, former deputy prime minister boris. >> i can say putin walking the bath of mubarak and quad quad. gaddafi. he wants to rule forever.
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>> everyone is smiling. everyone is so, you know, it's not a revolution. it's just people going out on the streets for their rights. >> there are four candidates running against putin. none of them -- [ inaudible ] but the campaign has been colorful. >> long-time nationalist compares russia to a tired old donkey in this campaign aid. the communists are back getting much of the protest vote. >> jazziest campaign at all marx jurorty owner of the nets mikhail prokhorov -- majority owner of the nets mikhail prokhorov whose story ended in siberia. some think procter & gamble was sent to the game by the kremlin to make things look democratic or pull votes away from the communist. he denied that and says victory or not, he is here to stay. >> regardless of whether or not i will, i will make a new party based on opinions in civil society. >> they don't expect change
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here overnight but say it's coming. they fear no more. and want to see the russian bear take a fake bold leap forward. smashing censorship once and for all. in moscow, amy kellogg, fox news. >> bret: two more american soldiers are killed in afghanistan over the quran burning. we'll get reaction from the fox all-stars when we come back.
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the reason that it was important is the same reason that a chander on the ground, general allen apologized. to save lives. and make sure our troops who are there right now are not placed in further danger. >> it's hard to tell, isn't it? think it has improved the pathology? calmed it down. not out of the woods yet.
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>> bret: for the third time in a week, soldiers in afghanistan have been killed by the afghans they are training. two soldiers killed in kandahar, and we'll have the details of the exact killing are still unclear. it's clear they were killed by afghan training. i asked general allen in an interview yesterday about the trust or lack thereof in the wake of this quran burning. between u.s. forces and afghan forces. >> there have been occasions where elements within the afghan national army or at the ministry of interior recently have turned on our forces. every one of those is a tragedy and none should be minimized. i think what we have done in cooperation with our afghan partners is to take a series of assertive steps. to reduce the possibility of this to the maximum extent we can. >> bret: what about this and the way forward in
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afghanistan? steve hayes for "weekly standard." mara liasson national political correspondent of national public radio. syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. charles? >> well, the president apology, look, i understand the reason he did it. i'm sure he is sincere. but i think he is simply wrong. wrong for the same reason he was wrong at the beginning of the administration. apologized for everything. including for example, apologizing to iran for what happened in the first year of eisenhower administration. thinking it would calm things down, ameliorate relations. it didn't, it opportunity. if i thought for a moment that a string of apologies that the administration made over this in afghanistan would save a single american life, i support it. but demonstrably it hasn't. after the apology of the president and groveling apologies you had the grenade attack, the shooting with two americans and the interior ministry. you had the bomb attack i
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jahlabad and now the shootings in kandahar. all over afghanistan. if anything, the apologies, the strings of apologies from high level of the united states, betray a kind of defensiveness, uncertainty and even a sense of guilt that the ordinary afghan would think, the americans are going through a ritual of high level apologies. there is something large happening here. i think it's demeaning and it's ineffective. and one apology, one acknowledgment of the commander on the ground, mistake. unintentional. that is it. to say we will not tolerate attacks on americans, that is the correct response. >> bret: mara, meantime, when attack happened in the interior ministry, the advisors pulled out. the security reasons. we're told now a few of them are going back in to the ministries. despite the latest attack today. but many more remain on
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lockdown. the key to getting the transfer to afghan and troops out is this connection. >> these are not people we are working with side-by-side for shooting our soldiers in the back of the head. not just an attack of armed men rushing in a compound. this raises questions about whether the u.s. goal to turn over the security lead to the afghan forces by 2014 is going to happen. clearly the afghan forces not enough of them, are able to do this now. if they are going to turn on their partners. >> bret: i asked general allen about this yesterday, whether it was speeding up his plan for the withdrawal of troops. he said no. but politically, here in washington, this administration speeding up the process. >> that is the problem. the whole point of the surge was to get out. you had a surge in the hopes that you could beef up the afghan security force. so you could get out as soon
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as possible. i think this is exactly the opposite. in other words, we cannot leave now until the afghan security forces can do it on their own. this suggests to me it will take longer for them to do it on their own than our timeline. but, as you said, there will be tremendous pressure because the american public is fed up with afghanistan. >> the flaw is we at once surged troops and suggested we wanted to win and announced we'd be moving in the same speech. that cut the legs out from under our -- >> handing it over to them. >> announcing strategic defeat shall we say. i think the problem, the problem is all domestic politics now. you a couple of important dates coming up. in three weeks here you have general allen testifying on capitol hill. what kind of question is he going to say? how is he going to be able to drive answers to suggest we're making progress if in fact you can't get the advisors back in? if you can't announce the meeting with certain goals achieving certain metrics. that is going to be a problem. and then you also have the suggestions widely understood
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that we are going to hate or accelerate the drawdown. that announcement will come ahead of the summit in chicago in may. and with all of these questions, i think the question becomes politically which republicans are going to stand up and say i'm with this president right now? we need to stay because we are projecting weakness throughout region. >> bret: you have heard from illinois, democratic senator dick durbin who says we should accelerate this pull-out. it should happen faster. rush limbaugh said something similar on his radio talk show. saying maybe we should throw in the towel here soon. the president hadn't spoken about afghanistan arguably since west point speech, i believe. i mean he was asked questions -- >> one other speech. >> look, he is making something of a war he himself surgeed. to useer theable from the '60s, escalated. tripping the troops and doubling spending. he has not supported the war
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rhetorically or investing in my political capital. a leader of a war from fdr to georgia bush if you are investing in a war, you are committing systems who are going to die in a war. you need to go with public support. obama has not. that is a huge failing. it betrays a sense of he may not have had his heart in this at any time. so i think what is happening now is simply going to accelerate that sense. americans, the offense led in afghanistan, but among americans who feel they are ungrateful and unsevennized people, that is a perception on the left, why you want any americans out there dying on their behalf. >> republicans are true to their, have the courage of their conviction, they would be standing up and saying we need to stay there until the job is done. i don't hear the candidates saying that. >> bret: i heard john mccain and lindsey graham -- no, no, the candidates. >> it becomes a hard argument when the president seems to indicate there are other reports he will accelerate the drawdown. >> they can stand up and say what they would do if they were president.
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>> bret: next up, should candidate's religion be fair game in politics? the latest on the 2012 g.o.p. campaign.
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well, what we need in leadership is individuals who will tell the truth. and who will live with integrity. i will not embase you in white house. >> washington state this weekend. i'm sure it will become the candidate. although we may do really, really well in washington state. you have just watch. >> i have to win georgia. i think to be creditable in the race. if i win georgia, the following week we go to alabama and mississippi. i think i'll win both of those. and we have a good opportunity to win in kansas.
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>> bret: three of the four candidates today. ron paul was not campaigning today. we're back with the panel. caucuses saturday on washington and super tuesday events on tuesday. interesting development out of michigan they decided romney would get 16 delegates and santorum would get 14. instead of what the santorum candidate believed they would get a 15-15 tie. change in g.o.p. last night to vote to give it to romney. >> this is bizarre. we were talking about this tuesday night before we went on air. if you ask a question what happens to the at-large delegates to the broad republican world on national or state level chances are good you would get different answers. candidates got more than 15%
1:51 am
of the popular vote. that was the santorum's campaign understanding and understand of most people reporting on this. this change, i don't know where it comes from. i don't know what the explanation is. it has the santorum campaign up in arms. >> it seems like that there is an evident being made to spare mitt romney more embarrassment in his home state. what the santorum folk were trum meting is we tied them in -- trumpeting is we tied them. the big deal is super tuesday and mostly ohio, which is just like michigan without the home state advantage for romney. we will be in ohio for "special report." we'll travel all around the state. >> the side story here is what is the level of incompetence of state republican parties? we now how they screwed up in iowa. they screwed up in maine, inness.
1:52 am
and now they can't even agree on a simple rule of how to allocate two delegates in michigan. doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. >> bret: steve, what about the issue of religion? as we head to southern states, and perhaps a bigger evangelical group in some of the states much like iowa early on. you are starting to see interesting reaction from media folks. column saying santorum's' jesus-eating cult of rick santorum. tweets about mormonism and not a lot of apologies. what about religion and this campaign? >> it seems to me given what you just cited there is a tremendous double standard in the media. about which religions are okay to criticize. and which aren't. imagine the kind of comment you had gotten if a republican candidate had been a muslim. you couldn't say the kind of things that had been said,
1:53 am
particularly from charle "new yk times." it took him a while to back off the statements. more broadly, has religious played a role in the way people voted? i think the record there is mixed. if you look at exit polls, people tell volunteer to exit pollsters they care and want to share their values. but then in specific ways and specific states, those, it doesn't track. rick santorum was supposed to get a big boost because there were lots of, 378% i believe of new hampshire voters were catholic. it didn't happen that way. we have seen that in state after state after state. >> bret: i want to wrap up this panel getting reflections about andrew breitbart. his career, his life. perhaps his legacy. charles? >> first of all, a terrible tragedy. a man so young, wife, four young kids left behind. i didn't know him. but i knew, i watched him and knew of him. he is a man of incredible passion and commitment. and courage. he is the guy that brought down acorn.
1:54 am
one of the great corrupt institutions that nobody in the media wanted to go after. you know when people die, you say they are irreplaceable as a cliche. in this case, it's true. a guy that was pursuing the truth with utter fearlessness, that is not easy to find in our business. >> bret: mara? >> look, he was definitely somebody who changed the way politics and the media are practiced. not all of his tactics on the level. sometimes he put out things that turned out to be heavily edited but he had an impact. no doubt about it. provocateur, he used social media and he used the internet in a brand new way. and he did have a big impact. it's an incredibly tragedy for a guy that young. >> bret: i saw some tweets today from quotes who are clearly left who seem to respect him no matter the ideological differences. >> yes. that is as it should be on a day like today. it saw tweets that were pretty awful, too. but yes, i think he was
1:55 am
considered a real warrior for his side. he was willing to use almost any means to promote it. pew he was a true believer. >> bret: steve? >> a good friend. you couldn't know him personally without liking him. i think that's why some of the people that you are talking about, you know, said the things they said. i think he sort of defined the phrase "happy pa warrior." he fought on issues. he wasn't in the presidential cam pape and back and forth and tactics. he was about big issues and the rel of government this the life of american citizens and returning it to what he thought the framers wanted. last word, he cared deeply about his wife suzie and their four kids. i talked to them at length on saturday about that and trying to find the balance between travelling around the country the way we all do, spending time with his family. >> bret: our condolences to his family. his wife and four children. a lot of people at fox news channel knew him well.
1:56 am
and will miss him greatly. i'm not going to tease here. let's just put up a full screen. andrew breitbart dead at the age of 43.
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>> bret: finally tonight, we're still going to end the show on a light note. earlier this week we reported that rick santorum is now receiving secret service protection and newt gingrich has requested it but apparently ron paul, well, he has other plans. jay leno and "the tonight show" apparently found some unaired sections from our trip to michigan. >> rick santorum is to start receiving secret service protection on tuesday. mitt romney already has it. ron paul said today he does not see the need for it and i think he may be right. look at him go. i think he may have it under control.


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